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Rebalancing the Eurozone:
Towards a New Economic Future

On January 28, ISPI (Palazzo Clerici - Milan) will host the RAstaNEWS Final Conference "Rebalancing the Eurozone: Towards a New Economic Future". The Conference, which will be open to the public, will be attended by several distinguished speakers, among which: Romano Prodi, Former President of the European Commission and Italian Prime Minister; Marco Buti, ECFIN Director General, European Commission; Roberto Gualtieri, MEP and Chair of the ECON Committee; Joanne Kellermann, Single Resolution Board; and Rolf Strauch, European Stability Mechanism.
The Conference aims at disseminating to EU and national policymakers and to the wider public the final results and policy recommendations of the 3-year research effort by RAstaNEWS partners. It will also serve as the venue to present the RAstaNEWS Green Book and discuss the future of the Eurozone, both in terms of new policies and with regard to the reform of the overall euro area economic governance.



RAstaNEWS investigates many aspects of the future of macro-economic and monetary integration in Europe, paving the way to a revised governance of the EMU, and the EU as a whole, in the wake of the debt crisis.
Our project is based on the premise that rethinking the future of macroeconomic and monetary integration in Europe requires a substantial revision and integration of the underlying macroeconomic model and a new vision about what markets and policy-makers can accomplish.
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In Search of the Euro Area Fiscal Stance

Alice Albonico, Alessia Paccagnini and Patrizio Tirelli Read it here

The Optimal Policy Mix to Achieve Public Debt Consolidation

Roberta Cardani and Patrizio Tirelli Read it here

Systemic Risk in the Interbank Market with Heterogeneous Agents

Pablo Rovira Kaltwasser and Alessandro Spelta Read it here

PIIGS in the Euro Area: An Empirical DSGE Model

Alice Albonico, Alessia Paccagnini and Patrizio Tirelli Read it here

Inequality and Growth: The Perverse Relation Between the Productive and the Non-Productive Assets of the Economy

Mario Amendola, Jean-Luc Gaffard and Fabrizio Patriarca Read it here

Limited Asset Market Participation and Macro-Dynamics in Medium-scale DSGE models. A perspective for the Eurozone

Maria Ferrara and Patrizio Tirelli Read it here

January 2016

On 28 January, RAstaNEWS will hold its Final Conference at ISPI (Palazzo Clerici - Milan).


December 2015

On 3 December, RAstaNEWS organized the Second Executive Briefing at CEPS, Brussels.

September 2015

On 9 September, RAstaNEWS organized a special session on the Great Recession at the 47th Money, Macro and Finance Research Group Annual Conference, held at the University of Cardiff.

July 2015

On 23-24 July, RAstaNEWS organized a special session at the World Finance Conference, held at the University of CEMA Buenos Aires, Argentina.


This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no. 320278.

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